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Young Yumans show future is solid

Saturday, May 2, was a great day! I opened the Yuma Sun and there on the front page was a picture of four smiling Odyssey of the Mind students who are going to compete in the World Finals.

The World Finals, WOW, what an accomplishment! Also included in the paper was a picture of San Luis’ Rocket Club and some FFA students who have done marvelous things also. Lately, there have been many articles and pictures of other students who have excelled in various activities such as music and sports or the “Go Getters” for working hard in school. Keep up the good work!

To top off the day, my husband and I went to the Civic Orchestra Concert. Thank you, Janet Jones, for conducting such outstanding classical music right here in Yuma. What can I say about the “Twinklers” and the Young String Ambassadors? There are not enough positive adjectives to describe them. Most of their music is memorized and the bows are all going in the same direction at the same time. Those little ones with the quarter-size or half-size violins are all playing their little hearts out right to the exact beat. They are outstanding. Thank you, Kathy Younker, for your incredible teaching. Thanks to the young people, their parents and their teachers for making this a better world.

We need to accentuate the positive because there is certainly enough of the other in the news. It looks like the future is good and solid in the U.S. with all of these young folks, and for the others who don’t make the newspaper but who work hard and try in their daily lives to help others and be good citizens. Thanks to all of you!!

Don & Barbara Buchanan, Yuma



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